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Frequently asked questions


Interactive FAQ

FAQOur interactive FAQ section now combines the popular 'Lakewood Tips' with the Frequently Asked Questions.
You may surf our well-structured sections either by themes or keywords to obtain precise answers to your queries. There is useful and interesting information regarding care and maintenance of acoustic guitars plus additional items such as tone woods, the Lakewood Customshop and accessories.

Table des matières de la FAQ

  • General
    • Are there factory tours at Lakewood?
    • Can I buy a guitar directly from Lakewood?
    • Can I deliver my own timber for building of a Lakewood guitar?
    • Does a new guitar make happy?
    • How did the trade name "Lakewood" come about?
    • How do I get Lakewood news?
    • My guitar needs a repair. How should I proceed?
    • What do the letters and numerals of the model names mean?
    • What is the term of the Lakewood warranty?
    • When (in what year) has my guitar been made?
    • Where are Lakewood Guitars manufactured?
    • Where can I register my guitar?
    • Where do I find the Model and serial number?
    • Which music dealers stock Lakewood Guitars?
  • Wood, construction and materials
    • What are the exact overall measurements of the Lakewood models?
    • Can cured wood still distort?
    • Can the open-pore finish provide adequate protection for my guitar?
    • Does a cutaway affect tone?
    • Does the installation of a Pickup System alter the tone?
    • How are Lakewood guitars lacquered?
    • How long is the storage and curing period of tone woods?
    • Is the timber used by Lakewood from sustainable forestry sources?
    • Is there a difference in tone between matt and high gloss guitars?
    • Is there a risk of damage to the finish of a Lakewood guitar from rubber or synthetic materials used in guitar stands or wall brackets?
    • What are the advantages of a high-gloss finish?
    • What glue does Lakewood use?
    • What is the composition and gauge of our fret wire?
    • What is the difference between AA and AAA Rosewood?
    • What is the difference between AAA and AAAA tops?
    • What is the Lakewood body-to-neck connection?
    • What material is used for the nut and bridge?
    • What strings are Lakewood Guitars equipped with?
    • Which pickup system does Lakewood use?
    • Which pickup systems did Lakewood use in the past?
    • Which tone woods are used for Lakewood guitars?
    • Which tuners are used by Lakewood?
    • Lakewood Customshop
      • Can I select the wood for my Custom shop guitar from the Lakewood stocks?
      • Can the form and construction of Custom shop guitar be altered?
      • How do I order a Custom shop guitar?
      • How should the graphic template for a 'signature' be presented?
      • Is it possible to do a personalized inlay?
      • What are the special attributes of bear claw spruce?
  • Care and maintenance
    • Are there specific guidelines if I take my guitar to another climate zone?
    • Care and maintenance of the Machine Heads (tuners)
    • Comment puis-je régler la système L.R. Baggs Anthem
    • How can I measure and adjust the action of my guitar?
    • How do I adjust the truss rod?
    • How do I apply a Pickguard?
    • How do I apply the new transparent Lakewood Pickguard?
    • How do I care for the unvarnished fret board of my guitar?
    • How do I care for the varnished surfaces of my guitar?
    • How do I install the second strap button?
    • How do I restring my guitar?
    • How the nut can be checked
    • How the saddle can be checked
    • Is damage caused by extreme humidity or temperature covered by the Warranty?
    • Is it useful to use (de) humidifiers?
    • Is it worthwhile buying a Hygrometer?
    • Measuring and optimizing octave accuracy
    • Should the string tension be reduced if the guitar will be out of use for some time?
    • What is the Operating Duration of the L.R. Baggs Anthem Pickup System?
    • What should I do when undertaking air travel with my guitar?
    • Where should I store my guitar?
  • Problems and solutions
    • A bridge pin is dislodged during a string change
    • Cracks in the Body or Neck of the Guitar
    • I think the neck has warped
    • My guitar’s finish is scratched or dented
    • My high gloss finish has a milky sheen
    • One or more strings are rattling / buzzing
    • Pickup system malfunction
    • Some strings are breaking repeatedly
    • The curvature of the soundboard appears to be excessive
    • The fret edges protrude or feel sharp
    • The frets are uneven and worn
    • The screw of the strap button has loosened
    • The string action is uncomfortable
    • The wooden machine head button is slipping
    • Unwanted noise while playing